Skater of the Month

DECember 2018


Derby Name: Eater Of Worlds

Derby Number: 21

Age: 13

Tell us about your name: It’s a reference to Terraria Boss, The Eater Of Worlds

Tell us about your number: I chose 21 as a reference to the band Twenty One Pilots and statistics have shown that it’s the most popular number to be chosen

How’d did you get into roller derby? My mom saw a thing for the original boot camp on facebook and was like “you’re going to try this”

What’s your opinion of roller derby? Pretty good…baseball and hockey are a close second

What’s your favorite position to play? Pivot

What’s your favorite memory of Minor Threat JRD so far? whenever I don’t end up face down

comments from Eaters teammates:

  • you are nice- Diva

  • nice and a good skater- Radio

  • Cool Dude- s. Louie V.

  • Harder better stronger faster- EOD

  • you’ve been here from the start and you’ve been a great partner to work with- Jet

  • hard worker- Princess Bubblescum

  • Nice Jeans!- Bat

  • Beautiful Jeans- Tank

  • you’re a cool dude- Mean Bean

  • YOu’re doing great- Krush

  • YOu should be taller- Eater

  • sick jeans bro- Comet

  • moderate brother- Darth

  • you throw beautiful for arms- Meg

  • stop making things complicated. Still, great job- Psycho

  • you’re pretty litty dude- Cali Roll

  • you’re a good friend- Smarty

  • Eater is like a secret weapon. He never fails to impress- Coach Tory