6/1 to 6/3/18 BrewHaHa

Cars loaded with kids and derby gear, anticipations running high, the Minor Threat Misfits headed to Milwaukee WI for our first tournament...finally 2 sanctioned bouts!  Friday was all travel, swimming and relaxing as the team prepared to face the Quad City Orphan Brigade early the next morning.

The Orphans were exactly what we expected them to be....big, strong and experienced.   According to their comments about us though, we were a big surprise to them.  In the most aggressive game our juniors have played to date, I witnessed countless tear streaked faces return from a jam, physically overpowered.  In less than 2 minutes those same juniors were ready to try again.  When all I could give them was positive words, and a pat on the shoulder, the level of perseverance of our children was unbelievable.  Yes, it was a loss for us, but I believe that bout will stick in the memory of both teams for a very long time.  Never underestimate the underdog.

That evening and the next morning we all enjoyed watching some of the best derby competition, including the St. Louis Gate Keepers.

Sunday afternoon, the Milwaukee MicroBruisers and MT Misfits came together for the 2nd time this year.  This win for us finally established our league with an actual rank within the JRDA (Junior Roller Derby Association).  Our packs did a wonderful job of controlling the jams.  Our jammers were virtually unstoppable with their quick feet.

Continuing thanks to all our parents, coaches, & siblings for your participation in this weekend.  We are a league, but also a family, We all matter and are stronger because of one another.

-Coach Tory

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