5/12/2018 We're Number 2!!!!!

Who can take a beating and come out of it with smiles of exhilaration? The Misfits, FOR SURE!  The kids ability to remain positive and upbeat against an amazing team like the Nashville, Nash-Villains is nothing but inspirational.

Our areas in need of improvement were evident in the first half, and luckily we have many practices before the June Brewhaha tournament in Milwaukee, WI.  The second half required a strategy change.  As we talked at halftime, I brought to the team an idea that has worked with the teams I played with when we were severely in the hole...TOTAL OFFENSE. I received a dozen looks of doubt when I said, 'the only strategy is to hit them constantly.  Their jammers are going to get through no matter what, so focus on hitting everyone all the time.' Once they stopped forming walls and started playing a never ending game of "Queen of the Rink", the Nash-Villain walls fell apart and our jammers got through. I set  point goals which were achieved so the kids felt vindicated...points tripled for the Misfits in the second half.

The frustration seemed to melt away as the kids went out to hit for the pure fun of it.  Keeping my promise, I threw in everyone, making it a true team experience for all.  They were happy, and when a comeback is illogical, smiles beat frowns any day.

2 words sum up this bout...Indomitable Spirit

I'd personally like to thank Tank mom for covering all the needs of the kids during play, and to Poison Arrow Dart Frog Spider Dude (Mike Schlemer...struggling to find his derby name) for his experienced eye and super helpful advise to players.  I'm Grateful

-Coach Tory

Check out these great pics from Radio's Mom:

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