4/15/18 The Al"PAC"a is Here

April 15th was a dark and rainy day.  The Minor Threat skaters practiced their hearts out, like any other Sunday morning.  Then, those that were able, grabbed some lunch and headed West.  They drove for over an hour to a remote farm in Troy MO for one reason: service to the community.

Alpacas of Troy is a small farmstead with some big needs.  There are alpacas, lamas, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits, horses, geese, large dogs and probably more animals that I don’t even remember.  The farm mainly produces yarn from alpaca fur.  Our skaters dove into their assigned tasks and proved to be hard workers, as well as courteous and compassionate.  The MT skaters accomplished what would have taken several weeks for the farm to do without us.  We organized a ‘barn overhaul’ including removing & relocating stall boards, removing a lot of unruly wire fencing, sorting out wood scraps, picking up the barnyard and barn interior, and of course feeding the alpaca pack and loving on all the animals.  We learned how they refine and spin fur into yarn, so it was educational as well.    

This was just a short service trip but it meant a lot to Alpacas of Troy, and it demonstrates how Minor Threat is a caring and compassionate group that can have a “major impact” on our surrounding community!  We are proud to be part of Minor Threat, and hope to schedule more service trips in the near future.  Again, thanks to all the skaters and parents who attended! “THE PACK WAS HERE” and we made the farmstead better for having been there.

Susan & Blue


Hope Starr