2/24/2018 All The Cookies!!!

Invited to face off against Arch Jr.'s "Untamed Youth" team, Minor Threat showed up to Girl Scout Night at Queeny Park, ready to take ALL THE COOKIES...nom nom nom.

It may have been dreary outside but derby lit up the Midwest Hockey arena In Queeny Park the other night.  The Expo bout may only have lasted a total of 15 minutes but that's what everyone was there to see...kids vs. kids in an exhibition of the coolest sport known to...everyone!

Competitive play for juniors at the intermediate second level is hard to come by, so it was exciting to see some of the kids who don't typically get the spotlight, shine like crazy, if only for a few minutes.

Major props to them all for bringing their A game as hundreds of impressionable young eyes witnessed their magic.


-Coach Tory

Hope Starr