2/10/2018 Misfits Melt MicroBruisers Hopes

It was a frigid weekend in Milwaukee, WI but inside the State Fair arena the Misfits brought serious heat on the MicroBruisers.

The odds seemed against us early on, with 2 Misfits lost in Downtown Milwaukee (until the last second), and numerous headaches  (real ones) plaguing the team. The MicroBruisers put on an intimidating warm-up show, but I reminded the kids that practice verses real play time can be very different...and that's how it went.

Amped up by an inspirational pep-talk, by captain Darth Mauliver, the Misfits played their game like the champs they are.  Besides the directive communication delivered by the pack 'talker', the solid walls, and insane jamming, I feel the success of this bout is owed to the prior weeks of practice focused on reforming around the opponent and covering the lines...drills brought to us by coaches Korpse and Scarlet (both of Confluence Crush Roller Derby)...2 ladies who know what works and how to effectively present it to the kids.  Thanks ladies, your contributions are fundamental.

With a substantial lead established, I was able to give Tank Girl the opportunity that she and her parents had been waiting for.  Patiently waiting on the bench, it was finally her time.  Armed with her best girl, Evil Eye, I sent them out for a jam.  The team exploded in support for Tanks 1st time playing a competitive level 3 bout.  No words for this moment other than 'truly special'

It's always kinda sad to see the bout come to an end.  In scrimmage the chant, "One More Jam!!" often runs on and on, but in a bout the clock is the law.  A mighty score of 291 to 180 shined down over the audience proclaiming the Misfits victorious.  Most valuable Jammer went to Lil KK, whose mom got to watch the bout live online, and Most Valuable Blocker went to Comet, a trusted leader of the pack.

Afterwards the team celebrated with food, swimming and lots and lots and lots of talking.

Every member of this league is vital to its success.  Unending thanks to each family, each individual skater, Trotsky, & PInk for your devotion to the league this weekend.  A special thanks goes to Mommy Dearest, who organized the trip and made it a perfect experience...you are the gold in our colors

-Coach Tory

Hope Starr