If You Build It, They Will Play

The derby gods have smiled down on Minor Threat JRD this past year by more than doubling it’s size. With that kind of growth and little regional competition for level 2 roller derby, we recognized the opportunity for a great addition to the organization…Inter-League House Teams. Devised to provide experience, The Clash would get the bouting experience amidst the safety of the level 2 (no hitting) structure. Juniors in the Grey Matter division would provide organization within the packs to reduce chaos newer juniors feel during scrimmaging/bouting. The high level Misfits, who see lots of action during their travel season take on the roles of bench coaches, score board, penalty timer, and other bout responsibilities.

With the teams evenly matched the Apex Predators and the Shooting Stars were born.

This morning, friends met up to enjoy a sport they practice for all year. Families got to witness the activity that consumes their kids conversations. Consequently they can probably better understand why their kids gear smells so horrible after seeing them pour with sweat.

Most importantly, today both teams were made to feel like stars. A large crowd cheered on Evie Knievel as she skated through the towering packs, racking up an impressive amount of points. Spectators are always impressed when watching these kids play a game most adults are too intimidated to try. Not just another face at practice now, these kids are building stronger friendships through reliability and motivation as a team.

If you missed this round of smiles, they’ll meet up once a month through February. Check the home page for details

Shooting Star (yellow) / Apex Predators (orange)

Shooting Star (yellow) / Apex Predators (orange)

Hope Starr