Links to businesses owned and operated by league families


Stuntwood StL Wood Works

Really cool accessories made from recycled skateboards by Jason Vellmer, dad to "Impatience"

Facebook page Stuntwoodstlwoodworks

"Impatience" mom is busy too.  Check her out on Facebook page HappyHouseintheLou She'll make your house presentable again.  Danielle Vellmer will organize your cluttered rooms into livable spaces, without judging you for your pack-rat ways.


"Know a Plumber?"  I do!

Professor Plumber Inc.  is licensed plumber Mike Schlemer, the dad to "Mad Hatter" and a recent recruit to the referee crew

Facebood ProfessorPlumber


phone:  618-792-8663


The Badge Fairy- girl scout badges, uniforms, workshops...oh my!

Owned by Shannon Rapp, mom to "Cupcake"  or call 314-323-8391

Let's Motor

James Starr, husband to Coach Tory and step-dad to Jet Starr & X Games, can hook you up with wheels.

New or used cars: 

cell: 618-977-6401

New or used motorcycles /scooters: