Sponsor the League and reap the rewards

Sponsorship is a win-win situation for everyone.  Roller derby culture is a hot bed of diversity. Preferences in skates, gear, & skate bags are as personal to each athlete as is their favorite music, movies, and restaurant. So, there's tons of room to spread your product around and in return gain a large fan base who will promote your products and share all the good news

Roller Derby has a big variety of expenses, from gear and monthly dues, to the yearly parties and fundraisers we organize.  We thank you in advance.  Here, everyone wins!!


Become a Sponsor


Got a great product, service, or business?  We've got great families that can help spread the word and promote you while you promote us!



Always self sufficient, we hold numerous fundraisers through out the year.  100% of funds raised goes right back into the league.


Guardian Angel Fund


One athlete-in-need is selected yearly to receive their monthly dues free of cost through this wonderful program.

Sponsor an Ahtlete

athlete sponsorship.jpg

Interested in providing a month or more of dues to your favorite junior?...it makes a great gift!